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“A Fender® Stratocaster® encased in a stretched and varnished canvas painted by Eugenia Pérez del Toro. The works of Eugenia Perez are deeply personal investigations into what lies beyond the surface-exhumations of form and light and texture.”






A native of Mexico City, Eugenia Pérez del Toro is a self-taught artist whose unique vision has garnered her international respect. Her work explores graduation and form, as she paints “landscapes that have impregnated themselves in my mind and (tries) to express the emotions and sensations that accompany them". Since 1996, her work has been exhibited in museums in Mexico City, Venice (Italy), Phoenix (Arizona), Washington D.C., Jerusalem, Havana, and elsewhere throughout the world. Gaos College of the University of the Americas recently acquired a large collection of her paintings and sculptures, which are now on permanent exhibit in The Eugenia Perez Room.