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"I wanted to paint the guitar like I would one of my own. Like a teenager hiding in his bedroom giving his most prized possession mythical tattoos. I wanted it to look like I lived with it. Like I wrote some classics on it. I wanted to give it a soul." 







Joseph was born in Akron, Ohio and lives in New York, and was originally discovered by Peter Gabriel.

An exciting and unique live performer, he has sold out shows at London's Shepherds Bush Empire, LA's Troubador and New York's Bowry Ballroom. An accomplished painter, Arthur has often sought to combine his musical and artistic creative talents. He creates huge canvasses live on stage and in 1999 his vibrant sleeve design for album Vacancy was nominated for a Grammy.

Recently long-time fans Chris Martin and Michael Stipe recorded a version of the Joseph Arthur track In The Sun' for the Hurricane Relief fundraising album.

Joseph opened his first London art exhibition February and a book, We Almost Made It, compiling his paintings will be published in 2006.