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Created by Fred Deakin – founder of Airside design and one-half of ambient electronic band Lemon Jelly – this bubbly design is drawn from the artwork for their first album Lemon



Fred Deakin is best known to music fans as one half of hugely popular ambient outfit Lemonjelly (along with Nick Franglen).

He is also one of the founders and directors of A-list design company Airside, whose trademark wit and bright graphics have a talent for making corporate giants charmingly accessible. For Orange they created a promo with singing and dancing barn animals, while their Coca-Cola campaign re-worked the famous logo to read Love, and they covered Panasonic phones in dancing monkeys and one-eyed monsters.

Other projects include an interactive website/entry to the Jam: Tokyo-London design show, work for the London Film Festival, and a map for the Royal Academy of Art.

Deakin is also a visiting tutor at Central Saint Martin's College of Art.