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"It's about wealth and poverty. It's about London. At one end of a street there are Ferraris, at the other end people have nothing to eat."



Legendary French designer Philippe Starck spent his childhood tinkering around the house, deconstructing and reconstructing whatever he could lay his hands on.

Now, he reshapes the world around him, taking everyday objects and turning them into something at once better, clearer and different from what they were. Toothbrushes, glasses, ash-trays, lamps, traffic lights, and chairs have all gotten the Starck treatment and emerged sleek, fresh and vibrant. His work leaps effortlessly from small to large scale too, as his world-famous hotels and a series of buildings including the Ecole Nationale Supeure des Arts Dratifs and a waste recycling plant in Paris, among others, testify.

Starcks' work is exhibited in museums around the world and he has won numerous awards including the Grand Prix for Industrial Design.