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"I love guitars and I collect them - the Stratocaster makes me think of Buddy Holly and George Harrison. I have made my own versions of most of the things that interest me through A Bathing Ape… but I have never made a guitar – this is the first and only one."



One-time stylist and full-time fashion kingpin Nigo is one of the hottest young designers on the planet.

He founded his A Bathing Ape clothing line in Tokyo, creating clothes to fill the shelves of a shop he'd opened with a friend. The simple, immaculately crafted, instantly recognisable street wear became a phenomenon. To keep down the crowds A Bathing Ape stores are unmarked and unadvertised, but fans still pile in to buy the limited edition styles. The demand has lead to BAPE boutiques, Footsoldier trainer stores, babies' and women's boutiques and even a Bape Cuts hair salon.

A life-long music fan, Nigo runs Ape Sounds with James Lavelle, and works with stars including Pharrell Williams.