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"First, it's a play on ‘Fender'… The figure could be a rock star or a criminal depending on how you see it – raw, energetic, rebellious, like rock'n'roll."



Since taking his first photos, with his dad's camera, at an open air gig in his hometown in Holland Anton Corbijn built a towering reputation as photographer, filmmaker and artistic visionary.

From his early documentary style photography, to his witty exploration of the paparazzi phenomenon , to his work as a video director for the likes of Johnny Cash, Nirvana, Depeche Mode and the Killers, to his twenty-odd years of work with U2, Corbijn has always pushed the boundaries of his art boldly confounding expectations and exploring alternative views.

His published work includes numerous collections, a DVD compilation of his music videos, and 2006 sees the release of his first feature film, Control, about the life and death of Joy Division's Ian Curtis.