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"Rather than being too clever or wierd I thought I'd go for my first initial thought. Which is leopard skin. Its in my blood. Can't help it. My mother was a "Leopard Skin Lil" and I grew with Bet Lynch as my hero. As for my Dad he is a Folk Musician so this piece of art is really The Fruit of Their Loins. It has nothing to do with the Leopard skin craze of today. It has always been true Rock And Roll and always will be. Long Live Leopard Skin!"




Fee Doran is the down to earth designer that has put Southend on the map. Since her Graduate collection was shown in Russia representing the best of British talent alongside Oswald Boateng and Katherine Hammett, Fee has had a varied career working with Giles Deacon on their label DoranDeacon, and acting as Creative Director to Matthew Williamson. More recently her own label "Mrs Jones" has been a huge success. Her music - inspired clothes are some of the best known in Show Biz. Specialising in capturing the feel of music she is responsible for giving style like a fairy godmother to artists ranging from the Scissor Sisters, to Kylie (yes THAT white catsuit.) It was Fee who put Goldfrapp in a horses tail and The Darkness in trousers made from fans knickers. Utterly original, Fee's clients list reads like a directory of the most influential people in the creative industries.