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"Designing a guitar is very different to what I normally do designing and illustrating books. I’m not a very musical person and this is probably the closest I’ll ever get to a guitar! I’ve used the most popular characters in the series to make the design work. My father would have been extremely proud to see them in the Born To Rock campaign."






"Adam Hargreaves is the son of Mr. Men and Little Miss creator Roger, and catalyst for the phenomenon that followed after asking his father a simple question – “What does a tickle look like?”. Roger proceeded to draw an orange person, with impossibly long arms, a big toothy grin and a blue hat! And so, in 1971, Mr. Tickle was born.

Adam has continued his father’s legacy having written and illustrated a new series of story books based on the existing characters and creating eight of his own.

The family sold the brand to IP rights company, Chorion, in 2004. Adam was retained as creative consultant for the brand and took the opportunity to fulfill a long held personal ambition to try his hand at oil painting.

The Variety Club is the official Mr. Men and Little Miss charity, and is one close to Adam’s heart. All proceeds raised by the guitar auction will go to benefit the Variety Club."