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"The design is an artistic take on Peter Buck's main Rickenbacker 360 that he has had for many years designed by John Hall of Rickenbacker International Corporation."







"Peter Buck is the Seattle-based guitarist and co-founder of rock band R.E.M. Along with current bandmates Michael Stipe, Mike Mills, and former bandmate Bill Berry, Buck has released 13 studio records. Among R.E.M.'s achievements are a host of humanitarian awards, 3 Grammys, several number one albums, 6 Rolling Stone covers, numerous MTV Video Music Awards, and over 70 million records sold, making R.E.M. one of the most critically and commercially successful groups of all time.

When not recording or touring with R.E.M., Buck stays busy with a number of side projects. He is a member of Seattle pop-collective The Minus Five, experimental instrumental group Tuatara, and Robyn Hitchcock and The Venus 3, with whom he is currently touring.

Buck will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame along with R.E.M. mates Berry, Mills and Stipe on March 12th, 2007."