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Originally from Libya, Founder and Creative Director Wichy Hassan moved with his family to Rome at age 11 as a result of insurrections in his hometown. It was here in Italy that his passion for design and the arts was born. While studying in Milan in the 1970’s, Wichy began painting – igniting an enthusiasm for the arts that would influence the rest of his career.

After managing an apparel shop in Rome, Wichy decided to strike out on his own, opening a small store – named Energie – that offered cutting-edge fashions that were difficult to find anywhere else. The store met with almost immediate success, prompting Wichy to expand the concept to a larger store in 1983. Tying together his love of fashion and art, the store became a place to celebrate the art and culture of the early 1980’s. Several artists of the time worked with Wichy to create exhibitions and special store-front windows.

After several years, Wichy started to notice a lack of directional and innovative fashion in the market. He decided to design his own line, and the Energie brand was born in 1989. Soon after, Wichy met entrepreneur Renato Rossi, who impressed him with his obvious business savvy. The two formed a partnership, effectively marrying Wichy’s creative spirit with Renato’s business acumen. The two turned Energie into an international brand under the Sixty Group, which now includes an expanding portfolio of award-winning fashion brands like Energie, Miss Sixty, Sixty, Killah, Murphy & Nye, RefrigiWear, and Richlu. In 2006 Wichy’s creative vision was honored as he won the prestigious Pitti Immagine Uomo Award.